Management Consultancy

We also specialize in providing consultancy services which are within the broad areas of Corporate/Strategic Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management with a view to improving your overall organizational effectiveness. We will study your specific requirements and provide you with our proposal as to how we intend to partner the process of improvement in the areas you require ourassistance in. Thus how we would intervene from such a management consultancy perspective would largely depend on your specific organizational requirements.

Strategic / Corporate Level Consultancy

Our services in this area will range form the preparation of simple to complex business plans to providing consultancy services in conducting strategic reviews and recommending on corporate restructuring initiatives. We will study your organization from a holistic perspective with a view to identifying the actual corporate issues which then needs to be addressed with a view to improving the overall effectiveness of the entire organization.

We can help you to manage your organization from a more strategic perspective where day-to-day operational issues do not cloud out the more strategically relevant matters. Thus we can help provide your organization with that much needed strategic orientation in order to realize your corporate objectives. These services will range from the setting up a strategic planning initiative within your organization to preparing detailed corporate plan for your organization.

We can also facilitate any form corporate re-structuring initiative so that the change management process involved is handled in the most appropriate manner. If your requirement is more of a ‘Business Process Re-engineering’ (BPR) initiative we can provide you with our expert advice in that area too.

Financial Management & MIS Consultancy

If your requirement is in Financial Management or is in improving the overall state of management information to facilitate better decision making we can offer our expert advice in this very important area of corporate management. We can help you to better manage you financial resources with view to optimizing their use. We will diagnose your financial position and offer you professional advice as to how best to manage your corporate finances with a view to improving your overall financial performance.

If you require assistance in the area of capital structuring and/or raising of new funds for general business expansion or for a specific project we will advice you of the most suited capital mix giving due consideration to the specific circumstances surrounding your organization.
With a view to safeguarding and optimizing your corporate resources we can also help you in designing the most appropriate financial and other control systems to achieve this end. Our difference in this regard is that we will recommend and assist in implementing only those ‘required’ controls to ensure our objectives are realized in this regard. Unlike most ‘typical¬† traditional accountants’ we will not suggest absolute controls that would tend to make your organization bureaucratic and customer unfriendly which would naturally not be in the best interest of your organization’s marketing effort. Having said that we will study your systems and controls thoroughly and advice you of the most suited systems that would best suit your organization structure and culture.

Since good management information is essential for effective decision making we at Kaizen Plus appreciate the importance that a good Management Information System (MIS) plays in the effective running of your business. We will study your existing MIS and advice you of the best ‘road map’ in terms of how to upgrade your MIS to more higher levels where effectiveness and usefulness is enhanced. With our affiliation with QPR of Finland (see 3.2 above) which is essentially an Executive Information System (EIS) we will help you to graduate from a mere Transaction Processing System (TPS) that essentially captures and records your business transactions to a truly on-line information system that would dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

Marketing & Sales Management Consultancy

Given that all business essentially survives due to their customers it is no secret that an effective marketing management programme is at the heart of any successful business. We are able to offer you our expert professional advice in this area to truly make your organisation stand out from the competition. We will guide you through the process of how to effectively win the ‘largest share of mind’ among your customers thereby effectively crowding out the competition among that all important customers.

Our professional advice will range from carrying out specific marketing research studies to advising you about how to build an effective communication message (advertising) to guiding you through the entire marketing management process so as to improve the overall effectiveness of your entire marketing effort. We can also offer our expert advice in more operational aspects such as sales management and how to improve the systems and controls in these areas so as to not only to safeguard your corporate resources but also to optimize their use.
In summary, we can offer you our professional input in marketing management in the following areas: product/territory management, new product development, sales management, marketing research, advertising and promotional planning, preparation of marketing plans, help develop strategic marketing plan, how best to plan and organize your distribution network etc.

Human Resource Consultancy

Our expertise in HR to all the four main areas of modern HRM which includes Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Employee Performance Management (including reward management) and Career & Succession Planning. We are able to offer our services within any of the above mentioned areas. Thus depending on your specific need we will tailor makes our offering to cater to your unique requirement.
Thus from a simple a training needs assessment to drawing out employee specific job descriptions, we are able to help you plan out and organize your whole HRM function including carrying out organizational climate surveys etc

We also specialize in carrying out psychometric testing on employees. These tests are designed to verify a number of different personal traits and characteristics and as such are able to cater to different requirements. These test results can be used in practical applications such as in recruitment and selection, training needs identification etc.