We also specialize in helping our clients locate high level human capital to fulfill their human resource requirements. We undertake an elaborate process of screening of candidates from our extensive database of applicants to identify the most suitable candidates and would short list and send the best candidates in our opinion to suit your requirements. For senior managerial level placements we could additionally carry out ‘psychometric testing’ to establish some of the personal characteristics of such candidates so as to ascertain their personality traits which would be considered important in the job roles they are to perform.

One of specialties is that we are also able to head hunt for you for specific individuals who have are seen as the best in the industry and will convince such individuals to consider career changes even at times when they may not necessarily be looking out for such career opportunities. Thus we will use our head hunting skills to locate the best of human capital that our markets have got to offer.

If you are interested in obtaining head hunting services, you need to first sign and return a ‘letter of understanding’ where we stipulate the terms and conditions of our service.