International Student Consulting

We provide international student consulting services, by bridging partly qualified international students with the most suitable and recognized international degree programmes available overseas. With our extensive international partner network, we provide an unmatched level of service to our students at all times.

One of our pioneering initiatives, in this regard, has been to a offer customised service especially to Indian students, who have successfully completed their UK Pearson HND qualification, with a clear path to complete a relevant degree programme, from a well reputed UK university, in the form of a top-up degree within Sri Lanka. The Indian student has to simply travel to Sri Lanka, after obtaining his/her student visa and live in Sri Lanka for a period of 1 year approximately, after being enrolled at the local college, that represents the particular UK university, and complete the final year of study. He/she can then chose, to either attend the graduation ceremony at the local college in Sri Lanka, or travel to UK itself to graduate at the university’s main graduation. We will fully handle the local college enrolment process, including getting the obtaining of approval for the necessary exemptions from the degree programme, based on what courses the student has already completed in his/her UK Pearson HND course, for a nominal fee. We will also assist our students by advising them about local student visa requirements, and also provide information about suitable student lodging available in and around Colombo, free of charge.

Foreign degree courses, from well reputed universities from the UK, Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand etc., have been offered through well established local colleges within Sri Lanka, in its complete form, for well over 25 years now, since the Government of Sri Lanka opened its doors for foreign degree programmes way back in the 1980s. There are already scores of foreign students who live, in and around Colombo, from countries such as the Maldives, China, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and many other countries, who have made Sri Lanka their ‘second home’ for this purpose. Obtaining a student visa to study at such a college is relatively hassle free. Such students have always found that the local hospitality and the friendliness of the and acceptance of the local students and tutors alike an added bonus.

For the Indian student who has no option of completing a foreign degree course within India, this route offers a range of advantages as opposed to going to UK itself, to complete the degree programme. Some of the main advantages we have identified include:
  • the high quality of tutoring available at these local colleges, some of which have been around for over two decades
  • the high affordability in fully completing a UK degree programme in Sri Lanka (including college fees, lodging costs, living costs travel costs, etc.)
  • no culture shock for the students as compared to travelling to the UK
  • the climate is almost the same as in India
  • the variety of food on offer (both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian) as per the Indian palette (there and plenty of Indian restaurants and eateries available in Colombo)
  • Indian parents can easily obtain a tourist visa to visit their children at any time, and it’s a mere 1 to 2 hours flight from most airports in India.
  • It’s a beautiful safe country with much to offer in terms of sight seeing, archeology, history, natural beauty for both the student in his/her spare time and their parents (whenever they do visit)

Here is a sample of some of the foreign universities with whom we partner through their local colleges here in Sri Lanka :

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Principal Consultants behind this initiative


Mario Fonseka

FCMA (UK), Dip. M (UK), FCMA (SL), CGMA,
MBA (Merit), Certified Psychometrician (BPS)


Prashanth D. Chanmugam

MSc. Managment (South Wales), Pg.Dip.(Nottingham),
BA (Hons) Business Studies (South Wales)