Customized In-house Training  Programmes

We specialize in designing and conducting management training programmes on a wide variety of topics based on the specific demands placed on modern day organizations. Given our resource base we are able to offer training interventions on a wide variety of subjects as given below. Besides these we can also develop tailor made programmes based on your specific requirements.

Area 1: Marketing / Sales / Customer Service

  • Marketing Accountability- Improving your return on Marketing Investment
  • Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers
  • Better Telephone Etiquette
  • Providing Exceptional Customer Care
  • Revolutionize Customer Complaints Handling (how to treat them as points of ‘opportunity’ and create a ‘wow’ experience)
  • Exceptional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Greater Customer Delight
  • Internal Marketing / Internal Customer focus to improve External Customer Service
  • Happy Employees lead to Happy Customers - The Connection

Area 2: Managerial Skills / Soft Skills

  • Better Business Writing (including how to present winning business proposals)
  • Better e-mail Etiquette
  • How to be a Better Manager (Improving managerial skills & competencies)
  • Win-Win Negotiation Skills (becoming a powerful negotiator)
  • Improving your Business Etiquette (including business entertainment / dining etiquette)
  • Assertiveness at Work (how to be assertive without being aggressive)
  • Become a Powerful Communicator & Presenter
  • Personality Building / Personal Grooming (Personality Building)
  • Better Time Management & Work Prioritization for Improved Productivity

Area 3: Accounting & Finance

  • Cost and Waste and Management for Profitability Improvement
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Techniques for Improved Planning
  • Better Working Capital Management for Improved Financial Management
  • Essential Management Accounting Skills for Non Finance Managers
Area 4: Human Resource Management / Teams / Leadership

  • How to built a High Performance Team (HPTs)
  • Inspiring / Motivating your Team to Greatness !
  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Improving your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness
  • Train the Trainer
  • Improving  Inter Departmental Coordination and Communication (Getting different depts., working together for a common purpose with greater cohesion)
  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Managing Conflict at Work (How to channel the energy within work related conflict to achieve positive results)
  • Improving your Interviewing Skills
  • How to Handle Difficult People

Area 5: English Language

  • English Language for Business Executives
  • English Language for School Leavers

Area 6: General / Other

  • Power of Positive Thinking / Attitude to realize your fullest potential
  • Strategic Planning for Corporate Growth
  • Managing Change successfully / Making Change work
  • How to start your own business - Entrepreneurship Training
  • Improving your Secretarial Skills - Becoming a powerful force for your boss / dept

Client Specific Corporate Training

Our specialty has been the ability in designing and conducting management training programmes to suit the specific training requirements of our client organizations Besides the programmes listed earlier  we will be happy to develop specific training programmes in other subject areas that will be of specific interest to your organization.

If required we are able to carry out a ‘training needs analysis’ (TNA) with a view to identifying the key skills, competencies and aptitudes that are required by your organization to achieve the corporate goals. Thus based on your specific requirements we are able to offer you tailor made training intervention programmes, with a view to addressing those specially identified areas. We will then provide you with a training proposal outlining our proposed training intervention which we are open to discuss further to with a view to fine tuning our training intervention to better meet your specific organizational requirements