Our Philosophy

Our organizational 'ethos' is based on the 'Good to Great' philosophy espoused by Jim Collins. We believe that in order for 'good' individuals/organizations to become great, they need to, not necessarily continue with those 'strategies,' that got them to a 'good' place, but must also, where necessary, be prepared to 'think differently' (paradigm shift thinking) in their quest of 'greatness'.

We also believe, that the good can very well be the 'enemy' of the great, and that by being merely 'good', that one may never really experience, what it is to be truly 'great'. This is true of most corporate and individuals, as most become too content, at just being good. We at good2GREAT believe that organizations need to adopt breakthrough thinking/strategies, and be prepared to shift paradigms if necessary, in order to graduate from merely being good at what ones does, to truly become great, and leave one's mark in history.
This does somehow involve one becoming 'brilliant at the basics', and continuing to be so, as we believe you don't always have to re-invent the wheel, to succeed, you just need to keep getting better at what you do ...... on a continuous basis.

We at good2GREAT also believe, that your most valued corporate asset is your 'people' and that your most valued market asset is your 'brands' We also endorse the thinking of Richard Branson (CEO of Virgin Group) who once said that his most important stakeholder is his Employees, Customers and Shareholders .... In that order. Thus we agree that 'happy' employees help build 'happy' customers who in turn will ensure that our shareholders are also with a wide smile.